Supporting families and children on their journey to economic mobility


“Because it's free and you guys know what you are doing. I have very limited funds.”

StreetCred Client

“Professional, very personable, knowledgeable”

StreetCred Client

“Convenient and free of cost.”

StreetCred Client

“Improving a poor family’s financial status will positively affect the children’s health and well-being, and if that can be achieved in a healthcare setting that’s what we should be doing.”

Health Provider

“It allows patients access to service that they may not be able to afford at a convenient location.”

Healthcare Provider

"They stay in communication and updated when needed. They also return questions and answer promptly"

StreetCred Client

"They are really helpful. I was very nervous to do this online but the staff felt just as friendly as it would be done in person. I had a really good and successful experience"

StreetCred Client

"I think this is an amazing service. They are very organized and they really help people whose income is low as in our case"

StreetCred Client

"I've had StreetCred help with my taxes for several years now, and have only good things to say about my experience"

StreetCred Client

"Really great experience, everyone was friendly and willing to help"

StreetCred Client

"I was paired with a nice and patient tax preparer"

StreetCred Client

"I did not anticipate the amount for a refund I received. I am honestly thinking about having a previous year or two double-checked in the future to ensure the process was done correctly"

StreetCred Client

"They are the best. Very passionate about helping"

StreetCred Client
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Dollars Back in the Pockets of the Families who Need it Most!

Over $11 Million

As of 2021


Who Do We Help?

People like Beatrice*,55, who is raising her 3-year-old grandson in Boston. Beatrice earns $7,000 annually in her part-time jobs at fast food restaurants, placing her at 43% of the federal poverty level.

Two years ago, she paid $400 for private tax preparation, an amount representing 17% of her tax credit and 6% of her annual earned income. During StreetCred’s 2016 pilot, we returned 100% of her $2,400 credit, money she used to buy previously unaffordable items for her grandson, such as toiletries, fresh produce, winter blankets and a nightlight.

*Name and specific details are changed to protect privacy


What’s not to love?

Families love us…

We offer free, one-stop shopping for resources empowering families to build economic mobility. Families already trust their doctor's office. Now, they're also empowered with information and support filing their taxes, opening 529 college savings accounts, and tackling their toughest financial questions and fears.


Health providers love us…

If your patient’s throat was closing because they ate some peanut butter, you wouldn’t write them a prescription for an EpiPen and hope they make it to the pharmacy in time. You’d give them the EpiPen right there in your office! StreetCred believes financial strain in an emergency, too, so we do more than make referrals- we provide on-site and virtual services to start building assets right away.


Communities and Local Governments love us…

We don't reinvent wheels, we just make them work better. By streamlining families' access to financial resources and services, we help community and government programs work better.

When community members have more money (such as tax refunds), they spend more money. And that helps local economies. Communities see even more benefits when children are healthier, doing better in school, and getting better jobs. StreetCred is closing the underutilization gap for America's most effective evidence-based anti-poverty programs.



Collaborating with experts to design evaluation of impact on stress and healthcare utilization.


Pilot evaluation of embedded tax preparation.


Designing and understanding the meaning of bundled models.