About Us

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Who We Are

We are an innovation hub that envisions nurturing healthy, thriving children and families by leveraging trust in and access to health care to increase economic inclusion and rectify structural racism. 

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What We Do

We leverage trust families have in health care providers and access health care has to young children – at least 7 visits in the first year of life alone - to build economic well-being for families. Structural racism drives many economic disparities in the United States. We break down barriers for low-income families, particularly families who identify as people of color, by systematically embedding a bundle of economic resources into pediatric primary care, empowering families to confidently navigate public benefits systems, use financial tools to maximize income and build assets, and pursue individualized financial goals via financial coaching.

We take a strengths-based approach of automatically offering a bundle of economic services (everything from Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave, to the Earned Income Tax Credit to 529 College Savings Accounts) to families with infants during routine pediatric care rather than expecting them to tell us about their food or housing problems first. We engage families in financial coaching to work toward their self- identified economic goals. We take advantage of down time during clinic visits by connecting with families in person during the seven routine well-child visits children have in the first year of life. We build strong relationships by following up between visits as necessary and continuing to meet families at each visit.

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Why We Do It

Forty percent of children in the United States are low-income, which negatively affects children’s brains, learning, and health into adulthood. Our approach helps families grow assets by increasing savings, decreasing debt, and improving credit and economic opportunity while building a solid foundation for lifelong financial, physical, and mental health.

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Our Journey


A mother of two struggles to find affordable and trustworthy tax assistance, and asks if Dr. Hole can do her taxes in the clinic, which sparks the idea for StreetCred.


StreetCred launches its pilot site at Boston Medical Center, returning over $400,000 to nearly 200 families.


StreetCred expands nationally and launches the Medical Tax Collaborative (MTC) to build a movement incorporating financial wellbeing into health care. The MTC provides technical support to hospitals and health clinics working to launch their own Medical Financial Partnership. To date, we have served approximately 30 members in 15 states and D.C.


StreetCred launches our bundled-model approach. We systematically offer families assistance with underutilized resources that have cash or cash-like value or allow families to build assets without losing other benefits. We also offer financial coaching for families who want to work on more individualized financial goals, such as building emergency savings, strengthening credit, and obtaining good jobs.

Founders Lucy Marcil and Michael Hole standing side by side. Lucy is wearing a black polka dot shirt, and Michael is wearing a grey suit and purple tie.
Co-founders Drs. Lucy Marcil and Michael Hole