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Supporting families and children on their journey to economic mobility


“Improving a poor family’s financial status will positively affect the children’s health and well-being, and if that can be achieved in a healthcare setting that’s what we should be doing.”

Health Provider

“Really great experience, everyone was friendly and willing to help.”

StreetCred Client

“That's why I think I trust you because I know the clinic wouldn't have anybody here that's not legit.”

StreetCred Client

"And then the financial coaching, I appreciate it. It's a matter of just being able to build for a future."

StreetCred Client

“Financial coaching has helped me a lot because I've gotten a lot of help with diapers, money management, stress management.”

StreetCred Client

"The tax preparer actually showed me what she was doing... So, if you guys weren't around to do my taxes again, I could definitely do it on my own."

StreetCred Client
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With your help, we've returned over $14 million to more than 6,000 families who need it most!

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Stories from the Clients

"StreetCred has helped me in so many ways and that was a big thing for me.

It's where I met Stephanie and she really helped me achieve my goals and sponsored me a lot.

I've also met a lot of people through this platform, and I want to help them so that they have access to adequate resources.

I always wished I had a credit card. Now I use it for everything I buy, travel for free, and even cash back on my credit card.

This program definitely works, and I think it's a great program."

Who do we help?

People like Beatrice*,55, who is raising her 3-year-old grandson in Boston. Beatrice earns $7,000 annually in her part-time jobs at fast food restaurants, placing her at 43% of the federal poverty level.

Two years ago, she paid $400 for private tax preparation, an amount representing 17% of her tax credit and 6% of her annual earned income. During StreetCred’s 2016 pilot, we returned 100% of her $2,400 credit, money she used to buy previously unaffordable items for her grandson, such as toiletries, fresh produce, winter blankets and a nightlight.

*Name and specific details are changed to protect privacy

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